5 Adventures Under $5

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Adventure #1: The little incline.
Imagine this. You climb in a little green and white rail car. You begin your travel 189 feet into the air. Halfway through your ascent you pass an identical car filled with a family laughing and smiling. You arrive at the top, climb out of the car and then you see it. You see into three states, a riverboat cruising on the Mississippi River and people walking the streets below. One of the kids waiting excitedly in line to take the same climb waves at you and you wave back with a huge grin. You look back out to take in the magnificent view of downtown Dubuque and the Mississippi River from the top of the Fenelon Place Elevator. You have just ridden the world’s shortest and steepest scenic railway.

Adventure #2: From Italy to the Midwest.
Seventeen years old and hearing the call to the Priesthood, Father Samuel Mazzuchelli’s began his journey. While studying in Rome, he felt called to the American missions and spent 40 days on a ship before reaching America. His work began in Michigan before proceeding south and settling in the Tri-State area. Not only did he preach to the local people and appreciate Native American’s values, but he built schools and churches along the way. One of the few remaining buildings built by Fr. Mazzuchelli can be found at Sinsinawa Mounds. Today, the Dominican Sisters continue Fr. Mazzuchelli’s mission and honor him with an artifact exhibit on the grounds.

Adventure #3: M for Mining.
Here is another Tri-State world record holder for you – the world’s largest “M”! Now over 75 years old, the rock formation continues to welcome visitors who climb its 166 steps and take in the view from the top. Located in Platteville, Wisconsin, this giant letter is 214 feet wide and 241 feet high. As history tells, a snow “M” inspired the permanent white rock “M”. Using an estimated 400 tons of limestone, students created a lasting symbol to represent the mining heritage of the area. Grab a bottle of water (or two) and a picnic lunch, take a hike up the 166 steps and enjoy the beauty of Wisconsin.

Adventure #4: Squeak Squeak!
Have you tried the cheese that squeaks yet? Even if you have, plan to make a stop to pick up some fresh cheese curds. Try a new flavor or pick up your favorite! Shullsburg Cheese Store has a variety – from classic Cheddar to the Chipotle to Dill. There is sure to be a flavor to satisfy you during your snack attack. Happy Squeaking!

Adventure #5: Welcome home.
It was the spring of 1860 when Ulysses S. Grant and his family decided to make the move to settle in Galena, Illinois. He worked in his father’s store and traveled to small towns servicing customers. At the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, Grant rejoined the U.S. Army and was commissioned colonel. Four years later, Grant returned home a war hero and to a new fully furnished house as an appreciation gift. Grant went on to become President and his children gave the house to the City of Galena. The home has been restored to its original appearance from Grant’s time there. Take a jump back into history as you tour through President Grant’s home.